About Solar

Solar dos Abacaxis is an autonomous and collaborative institution, dedicated to experimentation through art and education. Acknowledging the transformative power of collective and collaborative practices, Solar dos Abacaxis catalyzes encounters between individuals and groups dedicated to developing alternative ways of being together. Our purpose is to develop, strengthen and radiate initiatives that aim at social transformation through cultural, artistic and educational projects. Solar is dedicated to the development of new forms of institutional and curatorial practices that, based on other value systems, can contribute to the construction of fairer, more powerful and pleasurable relationships – inside and outside the art system. With initiatives that stem from deceleration and activism, Solar has been acting as a bridge of generative reverberations and frictions between the artistic scenes of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil and the most current and urgent art production from other territories – especially in the Global South.


Collaboratively founded in 2015 in Rio de Janeiro, Solar had as its first headquarters a historic mansion in the Cosme Velho neighborhood known, among other names, as Casa dos Abacaxis. For more than five years, Solar was responsible for maintaining and taking care of this space while being able to hold more than 40 exhibitions and other initiatives, collaborating with almost 300 artists and collectives. Since May 2021, Solar has operated in a nomadic way, with no fixed headquarters. Until we find the ideal conditions for our next headquarters, our activities will continue to take place in urban spaces, in the digital sphere and in partnership with other institutions in Rio, Brazil and around the world.